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Relationship Marketing
Investor Capital Raise
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Veebit is a Washington D.C. based tech start-up that has developed a revolutionary product enabling corporations and professional sports organizations to evaluate prospects according to success traits to the end of building winning teams.

veebitTEAM® and veebitSPORT® bring to bear psychometric measurement expertise that leverage big data and predictive analytics. veebitSPORT® will be revolutionary in helping professional sports organizations identify and recruit top-level talent at the youngest age possible in order to have a positive impact on their P&L.

Veebit provides a tool that is a predictor of success traits such as ambition, emotional intelligence, and mental toughness. Psychometric profiles are built that provide critical insight regarding an individual’s initial value to a team, and long-term coachability (ability to improve over time). Veebit’s technology provides recruiters, agents, and executive decision-makers with a way to manage growth, and sustain a winning culture.

Value Added:

The Crescendo Group has provided Veebit with valuable exposure to professional sports teams and large corporations by building and strengthening relationships with key stakeholders of target customers. Our team continues to initiate sales conversations, secure piloting partnerships, and source investor capital as Veebit approaches their Series A round of funding.