We orchestrate business relationships and investments. Let us arrange your next defining moment. Crescendo!

While many start-ups may have a viable product and unique selling point compared to their competitors, they don’t always have the resources at hand to spread the message about their brand, secure sales, or manage new accounts. Since they’re inundated and overwhelmed with the daily grind of getting their business off the ground, sacrifices must be made in terms of getting out and networking. That said, relationship capital is critical to sustaining and scaling the business. The Crescendo Group works hard to bring the pieces together on behalf of our clients. We seek the right customers, the right investors, the right industry partnerships and bring them right to you. Our clients are free to focus on running their business while we ensure their presence is known and business relationships are healthy.


Aaron P. Woods, MS


Aaron leads all projects and ensures client expectations are clearly defined and met. He leverages his diverse background in engineering, technology, and marketing to provide unique insight regarding strategy and product/service positioning to increase business activity for start-ups and established companies. He’s an expert communicator, often using his own personal story (layered with unconventional transitions) to connect with professionals of all backgrounds and walks of life. In addition to operating The Crescendo Group, he owns and operates a marketing agency and is currently working as a Quality Engineer with The Boeing Company in Seattle, WA. He’s creative and technical. Executive yet relational. Truly a dynamic individual that is crazy enough to think he can change the world.

John Lewis, MBA

Advisory Board Member

John has nearly 10 years of experience in corporate finance working for companies like Bank of America, Merril Lynch and Deutsche Bank. Currently he’s an associate partner in the research department of a hedge fund of funds at Ehrenkranz Partners L.P. in New York City. He enjoys process improvement and the thrill of removing redundancies to optimize business strategy. Taking it upon himself to solve a new problem every day, John strongly believes that the learning process never ceases. To that end, he leverages his diverse experiences in the financial sector to provide clients with the information they need to best position themselves for growth in terms of funding rounds, mergers, and acquisitions.